In 1946, when C.T. Russell arrived in Thailand with his wife Doris little was known about the country then called Siam making what is now known today as Thailand home, they raised all their children in the capital and for the next 71 years their legacies would live in on in their children and grandchildren who would take charge of the family’s business creating one of Thailand’s most reputable jewelry manufacturing families.

Designs to Cherish (DTC) is a full service family owned business whose legacy proceeds the system of shared values C.T. Russell would be remembered by. With the firm’s early origins as a trading and contract manufacturing business whose unique approach has focused on a vast array of industries most notably the jewelry industry where it has produced thousands of one-of-a-kind styles for most markets around the world since its incorporation in 2000.

Through hard work, perseverance, and a high ethical standard a clear philosophy of business ethics was forged back in 1946 and to this day lives on and is upheld by everyone in the groupdemonstrated in the unique scale and scope of services offered by our firm.

We hope you can share our same experiences and allow us to help you create your own legacy you too can be proud of for years to come.